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Die Burg Dinklage

The Abbey of St. Scholastika is located in an old moated manor house in the county of Vechta and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. The complex, with its 15th century foundations and its system of moats, is the oldest and most important in Oldenburger Münsterland. Throughout the centuries the inhabitants of this estate have influenced the region: the name "Dinklage" comes from its first inhabitants. The "Herrlichkeit Dinklage" was governed from Burg Dinklage from 1677-1826. At that time, the estate was already in possession of the von Galen Family. In 1878, Clemens August von Galen, who later became cardinal and was known as the "Lion of Münster" was born.

However, the Burg is not just full of history and stories from way back when, it is also full of life today. We invite you to come and take a walk, to relax in the peaceful environment, to visit our monastery café or shop or to join us at one of our services in the monastery church.