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"BurgKreis", our friends and supporters foundation, was founded on November 2nd, 1997. Its purpose is to support the Benedictine community at Burg Dinklage. The name and its logo - a circle of people which is oriented around the Burg- are intended to express this goal.

In the middle of the 1990s, 400 years after the old manor house was constructed, the renovation and maintenance needs became so great that it was necessary to have a regular and predictable income specifically designated for the upkeep of the buildings. As a result of this increasing need, people came together and formed BurgKreis so as to help secure the continuation of Benedictine life at Burg Dinklage.

Today there are more than 270 members. Roughly €250,000 has been donatd for a variety of projects. This sum is comprised of the membership fee (€50 per year) and individual donations.

Special weekends which enable participants to deepen their understanding of Benedictine life and spiritualty are open to members of the BurgKreis. These weekends are a way of deepening the unity amongst members and with the sisters and of expressing support for the Burg.

We are happy to welcome new members!