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Welcome to the Altar Bread Bakery

Jesus gave thanks, broke the bread and gave it to them, and everyone was full!

The communal meal is the basis of the early Christian community and the basis of the Eucharist which we celebrate as a church. For us Christians, God's presence in bread and the word are the food that fill us and give us life.

The altar bread bakery is the oldest monastic business in Dinklage and was set up at the request of the diocese. It began small, with the use of a single griddle, and grew exponentially so that in the 1970s it became expedient for us to invest in a baking maching with 12 irons. Because of this, we can reliably make available our altar breads to customers in our area and well beyond.

For us it is important that the relationship with customers is not only business-based but also united in prayer, especially in this time of change and upheaval.